Please note that Marine fish are only available at the Living World store in Tenterden

Living World Aquatic & Pet Centre at Tenterden Garden Centre offers over 40 well stocked tanks of top quality, sought after marine fish and invertebrates including live rock and anemones. Our designated Coral Bay is devoted to an array of LPS, SPS and soft corals. Our marine display includes the usual chromis, damsels and clowns alongside a fantastic selection of tangs, angels and butterflies.

We hand-pick our livestock and only select marine fish that are net caught from sustainable sources, to ensure welfare and environmental standards are upheld. Due to the nature of the way we source our fish, our range changes frequently so there’s always an interesting selection to choose from.

Why choose Living World Tenterden for your marine fish, inverts & corals:

  • Everything you need under one roof from specialist aquariums to RO water, Skimmers, Sand, Pumps, Gamma frozen foods, dry pellets & flake!
  • 72 hour guarantee for fish livestock (terms & conditions apply)
  • Expert fish enthusiast team to guide, advise and assist you during your fish keeping journey
  • Net caught, sustainable livestock only
  • Wide range of hand-picked marine livestock that changes frequently, including damsels, yellow tang, regal tang, emperor angel, copperband butterfly and clownfish
We also stock a fantastic selection of coldwater fish most commonly bought as first aquarium fish including standard goldfish, fancy goldfish, minnows and danios. Ask instore for further details and the species available.

Special Order Service

Want something we don’t have? Why not ask if we can source one for you? Our Special Order Service allows you the opportunity to source almost any fish through us and don’t worry we only work with regulated, credible and licensed breeders and importers. Should you require any further information please do contact a member of our team.