Please note that Reptiles are only available at the Living World store in Tenterden

Reptiles, amphibians and even invertebrates have fast become an enormously popular choice of pet in the UK. Here at Living World Tenterden we have seen what fantastic pets they can be and as enthusiasts ourselves we can offer advice and care based on our own experience and handling.

Our animals, live food and dry stock are sourced from the most respected suppliers and breeders we can find – we would never knowingly stock or source an item we wouldn’t use ourselves – and with brands like Habi-stat and Exo Terra on offer our range is sure to suit your needs.

From state-of-the-art vivariums to plants, live food and livestock we have your ‘unconventional’ pets covered!

Just starting out?

Our expert team at Living World Tenterden will happily guide you through reptile set-up and ongoing care please just ask a member of staff during your visit.