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We specialise in rarer tropical fish at Living World such as L-number plecos, catfish and oddballs

We specialise in rarer tropical fish at Living World such as L-number plecos, catfish and oddballs but have a fantastic offering of community tropical too. With literally hundreds of species of fish to choose from we are confident we’ll find something for you.

Our expert team are able to advise on species requirements, compatibility and size for every fish that we stock and as a free service, we can also test your water to ensure that the fish you select will be happy in their new home. If you’re just starting out our staff will happily guide you through the set up and provide as much ongoing care and advice as you need, we love fish just as much as you do!

With regular deliveries of aquarium plants, we hope to provide an excellent standard and variety of greenery for your aquarium. The majority of our plants are hardy and easy to grow in the right conditions, there are a few difficult species available too for all the budding aquascapers out there!

Why choose Living World for your tropical fish & plants:

  • Everything you need under one roof from specialist aquariums, sand, pumps, Gamma frozen foods, dry pellets & flake!
  • 72 hour guarantee for fish livestock (terms & conditions apply)
  • Expert fish enthusiast team to guide, advise and assist you during your fish keeping journey
  • Net caught, sustainable livestock only
  • Wide range of hand-picked tropical livestock that changes frequently, including L number plecos, bettas, tetras, cichlids and catfish
  • – Regular, quality aquarium plant stock perfect for the beginner and the aquascaper
We also stock a fantastic selection of coldwater fish most commonly bought as first aquarium fish including standard goldfish, fancy goldfish, minnows and danios. Ask instore for further details and the species available.

Special Order Service

Want something we don’t have? Why not ask if we can source one for you? Our Special Order Service allows you the opportunity to source almost any fish through us and don’t worry we only work with regulated, credible and licensed breeders and importers. Should you require any further information please do contact a member of our team.

Aquariums, Equipment & Accessories

From starter tanks to 1000 litre+ custom aquariums from Tetra, Aqua One, Kent Tropical and Juwel we can cater to all of your needs. With a fantastic selection of décor, gravels and wood there is no reason your aquarium can’t look stunning.

Remember we are happy to help and enjoy offering advice on every aspect of fishkeeping. So if you are just starting out or need guidance from food to specialist treatments we can help and don’t forgot our FREE water testing service!